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A judge beating his daughter for the act of….. piracy?… talk about sound judgment?

I mean serious, what is the charge for playing a pirated game online anyways? Certainly not a whipping from your own father and encouragement from your mother. And compare that to the charges for child abuse and violent beating? Certainly would be a lot more serious, I hope.

And they say the mother is not to blame for this, but come on! How can you stand to whip your own child? Have you no morals? Have you no heart? There are mothers out there who would die to protect their children from harm. But from the tone of this woman, she obviously feels no shame or pain in seeing her daughter being whipped by her husband, the father of her own flesh and blood

To all those people on youtube justifying his actions, to hell with you all. If you were in his position, and found out that your child was downloading music and games on the internet that are not yet legalised, would you whip them? If you would, then you obviously lack morals and sound judgment just like him. And besides, I’m sure a vast majority of the adult population would download illegally off the internet anyway.

Whatever happened to using words, logic, sense, reasoning and all that shizzle you use in the courtroom? Or is that all just an act, Judg…no, I’m sorry, Mr Adams?

If he thought his daughter’s illegal game and music downloading was gonna jeopardise his next re-election… well then lol… he better be shit scared about losing his career now

I used to be beaten as a kid. This of course was in China and even though neighbours lived very close to each other, they don’t care when you’re screaming for your life.

In their minds, it’s perfectly normal and you probably deserved it. So I grew up accepting that my mother was just disciplining me.

But after watching this video from a third person’s perspective, it is absolutely HORRENDOUS! I guess a judge in his upstanding position has no morals? He can’t judge between discipline and child abuse? Should we really be trusting him as a “family judge”? What does he do when he’s given a case on “child abuse”?